Is this a prepaid platform?

No, this is an automated way to interconnected with ADC.

Initially we prefer to sell only in order to asses the potential of each partner. As soon as you are able to buy EUR 7.000 or USD 8.500 worth traffic on a weekly base, the Monday after you will receive our target list in order to sell us few destinations.

At this point we expect you to keep a steady weekly consumption in order to maintain the right to also sell your business to ADC.

Is this an automated trading platform?

No, you are simply a new partner interconnecting via Rapido.

As such the interaction between you and ADC is manual and ADC team will liaise with your requests.

I have reached the EUR 7K or USD 8,5K weekly consumption and after receiving your target I won some of your traffic. Are you going to pay me if I am in a net payable position?

We except you to keep up your consumption even after we start buying from you.

Therefore we prefer that any amount we buy from you goes into your balance.

This might allow you to stay above the EUR 7K / USD 8,5K threshold by summing your payment and your selling to ADC and therefore keep the right to receive target week by week.

Is there a minimum prepayment to start?

Yes, EUR 500 or USD 650 according your working currency.

What currency do you support?

We do work with EUR and USD.

Do you grant credit?

Initially we give you 0 credit limit.

Once the interconnection is up and running and we feel we can bring the business to the next level, we are open and flexible to discuss any possibility concerning the credit.

Will I have access to online services?

Yes, by logging in, you will be able to access real time information such as: rates, balance, payment history, etcc.

I want to send a destination or a number of destinations. What shall I do?

You will have to log in online and access your target module.

You can select the destination and indicate your target. We will quickly revert by email weather we can match or not.

I made a payment and I need the invoice, is that possible?

Yes, you will receive the invoice related to your payment soon after we receive the payment.

Every week you will also receive the traffic consumption report.

Are there set up and capacity cost?

No, you pay only what you consume based on your pricelist, no additional cost.

I have made the payment but I still do not see the balance updated online? what's happening?

This can vary from bank to bank, normally it takes from 1 to 3 days to process the payments.

How many concurrent calls I have available? can this be changed? how do I request?

By default you have 100 sessions, which can be easily expanded if needed.

I need more info

You can contact us writing an email to: rapido@adctelecom.it