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Rapido is the easiest and fastest way to access the international voice market brought by ADC's knowledge and vision of the wholesale business.

You are only few clicks away from accessing one of the most dynamic and competitive A-Z termination which will surely allow you find the best quality according your requirements.

We are A Different Company that wants to be your partner in growth: Rapido is therefore only the first step of what we hope to be a long lasting relationship founded on mutual exchange of traffic.

After the contract is signed and the interconnection is up and running you can start with as little as EUR 500 or USD 650.

Everything trough a customized approach which will allow ADC to assess the potential of each interconnection. As soon as you are able to buy EUR 7K or USD 8,5K worth traffic, on a weekly base, we will be glad to open our target list to you hoping to buy your business as well.

The idea behind is simple: the more you buy from us the more we will try to buy from you.

How to interconnect with ADC via Rapido

The interconnection process is very intuitive and smooth you will be asked to go through few steps involving:

  • Contract info (company details)
  • Agreement (download, sign and re-upload the contract)
  • IP setting and Tech Info
  • Provisioning (bank details, contacts)

At this point ADC team will validate the info, contracts and activate your account, which will allow you to access all the online services:

  • Testing (3 EUR/USD available for your preliminary testing of the interconnection)
  • First payment and START